Rotary Evaporator RC 600

Rotary Evaporator RC 600
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Rotary Evaporator RC 600 - Reliable daily performance

Designed for academia labs
- Fit for purpose
- Comprehensively robust
- Safe and compact

Advantages of the rotary evaporator RC 600
- Cooling condenser is straight-forward to detach by turning the clamping nut. The cooling condenser is also extremely easy to clean.
- Fixed tube guide.
- Control knob to adjust set points for heating bath temperature and flask rotation speed.
- Safety as standard - coated cooling condenser.
- Umcomplicated flask exchange - falsk simply locks into place - and can be done with one hand.
- Operating unit - all functions operated centrally via a membrane keypad providing exeptional ease of use.
- Cordless heating bath with diode to indicate heat lebel and a pour spout for safe, spill-free emptying. - Memory function - simply press the memory button to save the flask's current immersion depth and rotation speed for easy and reliable process repeatability.

A versatile system component
Set for flexibility: Several system packages to suit different budget conditions are available consisting of rotary evaporator, vacuum supply and chiller - e.g. the "Dual Evaporation" package comprises the SCC 950 vacuum pump system which assists two rotary evaporators simultaneously and independently.

Technical data
Application Rotary evaporation
Heating bath
- Heating bath temperature (°C) 20 - 180
Coolant supply parameters
- Permissible pressure (bar) 3
- Permissible temperature (°C) -15 to +20
- Coolant coated surface (cm²) 1230
Parameters of evaporation flask
- Size of evaporation flask (ml) 50 - 3000
- Rotational speed of evaporation flask (1/min) 25 - 250
- Length of stroke (mm) 150
- Lifting speed (mm/s) 38
Weight (kg) 9.1
Dimensions W x H x D (mm)
- without glass (footprint) 431 x 464 x 453
- with glass 487 x 823 x 453

Protective cover heating bath Order-No. 127204
Refill valve Order-No. 300639
Coolant valve Order-No. 300853
Vacuum seal Order-No. 113046 Dry ice cold finger Order-No. 301696
(-) Technical data:
Opis tipa proizvoda: RC600
Minimalni broj okretaja: 25 min-1
Maksimalna brzina vrtnje: 280 min-1
Ulazna snaga: 1,5 kW
Netto masa: 15,4 kg
(-) Export-related data:
Carinski tarifni broj: 84194000 details
Zemlja porijekla: Switzerland
Brutto masa: 17 kg