LS 40 sound proof box for SONOPULS, incl. EU plug

LS 40 sound proof box for SONOPULS, incl. EU plug
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Cavitation produces very unpleasant noise for the user and other people in the vicinity. To reduce the noise level, it is recommended to use a noise box.

Features LS 40:
- Noise reduction by approx. 30 dB (AU)
- LED interior lighting and acrylic glass window for process monitoring
- Removable drip tray; made of stainless steel, easy to clean
- Stainless steel insert inside easy to wipe clean
- Closable opening at the rear allows cables and hoses to be passed through hoses to set up a cooling or pumping circuit or to connect a temperature pump circuit or connection of a temperature sensor
- Ventilation system to reduce process-related moisture formation
- Door opening angle 180° for easier sample handling
- Sufficient space for direct and indirect applications by using the of the HG 40 support frame and other optional accessories
- LS 40 sound proof box + NL 20 EU
(-) Technical data:
Netto masa: 28,7 kg
(-) Export-related data:
Brutto masa: 57 kg
Širina pakiranja: 1,20 m
Visina pakiranja: 0,75 m
Dubina pakiranja: 0,80 m
Volumen pakiranja: 0,720000 m³