2mag - MIX 12 XL Multiple point stirrer 12x 600 mL beaker glasses (tall form)

2mag - MIX 12 XL Multiple point stirrer 12x 600 mL beaker glasses (tall form)
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Ultra-flat magnetic stirrer with with 12 stirring positions, suitable for 12 x 600 ml beaker glasses (tall form), power reserves for 3,000 ml per stirring position, stirring point distance 90 mm.

Powerful 12 stirring positions, 100% maintenance-free and wear-free by inductive 2mag-Magnetic-Drive concept, extremely wide speed range of 100 to 1,600 rpm, 100% synchronized speed, jerk-free stirring even at low speeds, 4-step power settings of the stirrer, high power setting for viscous liquids and reduced power setting for long-term operation without any heating effects caused by the stirrer.

Clear digital display for settings of stirrer speed and power, SoftStart procedure for reliable catching/centering and safe acceleration of the stirring bar, QuickSet for quick setting of start- and maximum speed, Automatic memory function to save the last settings, outstanding long-life cycle of the hermetically sealed drive system, resistant stainless steel housing for easy and fast cleaning.

3 years warranty on material- and manufacturing, developed and made in Germany.

Stirring points: 12
Stirring point distance: 90 mm
Max. stirring volume / stirring point: 1 - 3,000 ml
Speed range: 100 - 1,600 rpm
Stirring power (max.): 20 W
Power settingr: 5/10/15/20 W (4-step)
Material housing: Stainless steel
Material Sealing: PUR
Permitted operation conditions: -10 up to +50 °C (at 80% humidity)
Permitted storage conditions: -40 °C up to +70 °C, 10 – 95 %, 500 - 1060 hPa
Electrical data: 100–240 V / 50-60 Hz / 1.5 A
Protection category: IP65
Dimensions (WxDxH): 275 x 420 x 38 mm
Weight (gross): approx. 10.2 kg
(-) Technical data:
Opis tipa proizvoda: MIX 12 XL
Vrsta pogona: Magnetsko polje
Maksimalna radna temperatura: 50 °C
Minimalni broj okretaja: 100 min-1
Maksimalna brzina vrtnje: 1600 min-1
Maksimalno preporučeni volumen za mješanje: 3 l
Zaštita tipa IP: IP65
Osiguranje napona: 115V AC
Osiguranje napona: 230V AC
Osiguranje napona: 120 V AC
Netto masa: 9,5 kg
Širina: 275 mm
Dubina: 420 mm
Visina: 38 mm
Broj mjesta na mješalici: 12
(-) Export-related data:
Carinski tarifni broj: 84798200 details
Zemlja porijekla: Germany
Regija porijekla: Bavaria
Brutto masa: 10,2 kg
Širina pakiranja: 0,63 m
Visina pakiranja: 0,11 m
Dubina pakiranja: 0,31 m
Volumen pakiranja: 0,021483 m³


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