WOB-L Pump 2546, 38 l/min, 80 mbar

WOB-L Pump 2546, 38 l/min, 80 mbar
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The WOB-L® 2546 dry piston pumps is a reliable partner for physical applications, notably with aqueous solutions. Being a vacuum pump and compressor, it can be used for a wide variety of applications such as filtration, gas sampling, vacuum drying, desiccation and automation technology. The integrated vacuum and pressure gauges and regulators allow the pressure to be continuously monitored and adjusted. The inlet liquid trap with automatic flow stop protects the pump. For use with dry or aqueous vapor applications only.


  • 404008
    Vacuum filtration & desiccation kit - hydrophorb in-line filter and vacuum hose, for DN 6 & 8 hose adapter
  • 404009
    Pressure Filtration kit - vacuum hose DN8 (1.5m) and clamps



  • U1415C
    Replacement Jar, plastic, for 2522, 2546, 2534
  • U2522K05
    Vacuum and Pressure Regulator INtake for 2522, 2534, 2546
  • U2522K06
    Vacuum and Pressure Regulator EXhaust for 2522, 2534, 2546
  • U2546K03
    Service kit for 2534C-02, 2546B-01, 2546C-02