AquaSampler, FEP/PTFE, 700ml, Lxouter-Ø 76cm x46mm

AquaSampler, FEP/PTFE, 700ml, Lxouter-Ø 76cm x46mm
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Sampler for ground water samples from wells, pits and other sources. Fits all normal well shafts with control openings to Ø 2", without tilting or getting stuck. Ultra pure materials guarantee the highest degree of sample purity. Easy to clean thanks to rounded edges and threads.

FEP/PTFE ultra pure, anti adhesive surface

Without cable

Available as accessory:Robust manually-operated drum reel PP

Lowering cable, V2A-woven, PTFE coated

(-) Technical data:
Nazivni volumen: 700 ml
Dužina: 760 mm
Vanjski promjer: 46 mm
Sterilnost: No
Netto masa: 1,1255 kg
(-) Export-related data:
Carinski tarifni broj: 84798997 details
Zemlja porijekla: Germany