Art. 3410360 without clear glass bottle

Art. 3410360 without clear glass bottle
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Order-No.: 341036060 Price on request for 1 piece plus VAT (25%) plus shipping costs
Automatic burette DURAN® class B, blue graduation, 10:0,02 ml, Pellet, Schellbach, short line, lateral stopcock with PTFE spindel, without intermediate stopcock, acc. to DIN EN ISO 385 without clear glass bottle.
(-) Technical data:
Registrirani zaštitni znak: DURAN®
Nazivni volumen: 10 ml
Razred točnosti: B
Netto masa: 175 g
EAN kod: 4049338013616
Podjela mjerne skale: 20 µl
(-) Export-related data:
Carinski tarifni broj: 70172000 details
Zemlja porijekla: Germany
Brutto masa: 1,115 kg
Širina pakiranja: 0,260 m
Visina pakiranja: 0,110 m
Dubina pakiranja: 1,090 m
Volumen pakiranja: 0,03117400 m³
Temperatura prijevoza: +5 - +40°C
Temperatura skladištenja: +5 - +40°C